Change for a better future for our children


Lester Taylor is a proud product of public schools and his wife Bibi successfully went through the East Orange school system. 

Education has been the pathway to success for Lester and his family and he knows it must be the same for our children and our city.

In these tough economic times, education takes on an even greater importance as the engine for economic growth, prosperity and opportunity in East Orange. It is the surest path out of poverty and into good jobs for our families. We must invest in the future of our city and most importantly our children.

Right now our schools and our leaders are failing our children at an alarming rate. Three out of ten students in the district do not graduate from high school. East Orange students are falling further behind other New Jersey students where the state graduation rate is the highest in the nation.

Many of those who do make it through four years of high school are ill prepared for the future and lack the critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities necessary to attend college and succeed in the 21st century knowledge-based economy.

A third of students in the district fail to meet proficiency standards on exit-exams for language arts literacy and half fail to meet standards in mathematics.  East Orange students perform below the state average and below students with similar socio-economic backgrounds in the state, for proficiency in language arts literacy. Only one in 25 students is considered advanced in reading and writing while statewide that number is closer to one in five. Half as many of our students are considered advanced in mathematics as those in schools in similar districts.

We can’t accept the status quo and we must do better for our children.

Lester will fight to make sure East Orange students get their fair share of state funding so that we can close the achievement and opportunity gaps.

Lester will partner with parents, teachers and administrators to bring new technology and creative ideas and programs to our classrooms.  

Lester will set goals for success and appoint only the most qualified and competent individuals to the school board and hold them accountable for results.

Together we can change East Orange and provide a brighter future for our children.

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