East Orange Mayoral Candidate Lester Taylor applauds Speaker Oliver And Assembly for passing Common Sense Gun Control Measures

(EAST ORANGE) – Lester Taylor, Democratic candidate for mayor, today applauded Assembly Speaker Sheila Y. Oliver (D-East Orange) and members of the New Jersey General Assembly who approved 22 bills last Thursday which will strengthen New Jersey’s gun control laws and help to prevent gun violence in East Orange and throughout the state.

“Thanks to the outstanding efforts of Speaker Oliver and Assembly Democrats we are an important step closer to keeping dangerous weapons that have no place in our communities out of the hands of criminals and providing safer and more secure school and community environments for our families and children,” said Taylor. “For too long we have seen the devastation and fear that gun violence causes in East Orange and neighborhoods throughout New Jersey. I hope the Senate and Governor take swift action to make these common sense measures into law so that our families are protected from feeling the untold pain of losing a loved one due to senseless gun violence.”

On Thursday, the state Assembly passed a comprehensive package of 22 strict gun control measures with the goal of sharply reducing the violent toll that guns take in New Jersey communities.

These common sense bills include: requiring that a government-issued photo I.D. be shown when purchasing a firearm; prohibiting anyone on the FBI’s Terrorist Watch List from obtaining a gun permit; banning the sale of high-caliber assault weapons and armor-piercing ammunition, limiting ammunition magazines to 10 rounds or less, increasing penalties for those who fail to report when a gun is lost or stolen; allowing police to seize weapons from the homes of people  that mental health professionals deem an imminent danger to themselves or others; requiring that law-enforcement agencies report information about illegal guns to national databases; and establishing gun-free school zones.  

According to the most recent FBI Report of Offenses Known to Law Enforcement there were 487 instances of violent crime committed in East Orange in 2010, which is 143% higher than the statewide average for violent crime.

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