Change For A Safer East Orange

GFP_5114.jpgNothing matters more to Lester than the safety and security of our East Orange families.

As a parent of three young children, Lester knows that we must always do better when it comes to public safety.  We must do better for our seniors and our families who deserve to feel safe, whether in their homes or walking down the street. We must do better for our children, who deserve safe and clean environments to learn and play so they can grow to lead successful lives and fulfill their dreams. We must do better for our police officers and firefighters who make the sacrifices to keep our city safe. A safer East Orange is essential for bringing in new businesses to lay the foundation for revitalizing our economy and building a better East Orange for all of us who live, work and visit here.

As mayor, Lester will not risk our community’s safety by slashing the number of our city’s police officers. To reduce crime, Lester will lead efforts to build partnerships between law enforcement and our communities in neighborhoods across all wards. Lester will also work to find common sense solutions to make our city safer, like making sure pedestrian areas are well lit at night.

Lester also strongly supports our state and national leaders who are fighting for tougher gun control laws to keep dangerous weapons that have no place in our communities off of our streets and out of the hands of criminals. Lester will take every step necessary to make sure our schools and our neighborhoods are free from senseless gun violence.

Lester understands that we must honor and respect the sacrifices that our police officers and firefighters make to defend our city day in and day out. That means providing our men and women in uniform with the tools and resources they need to get the job done. Lester will focus on improving morale among law enforcement and public safety officials by maintaining an open door policy with our officers.

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