Change For a More Affordable East Orange


East Orange taxes have skyrocketed. East Orange homeowners paid an average tax bill of $8,391.96 in 2012, a staggering 45% increase since 2007. Meanwhile, our quality of life has diminished. Many homeowners, including seniors on fixed incomes, are upside down on their mortgages and can’t afford to see their taxes continue to go up. As an East Orange homeowner, Lester feels the squeeze we all feel of ever increasing tax bills.

It’s time that taxpayers in East Orange get their money’s worth.

As an attorney who has built a statewide reputation for solving many of the challenges facing our cities and local school districts, Lester has the experience we need to save taxpayers’ money and make our city more affordable for everyone.

Lester will bring that experience and know-how to city hall where he will cut out wasteful government spending in order to hold the line on taxes to make the city more affordable for everyone while preserving the vital services that East Orange families and our seniors count on.

By being smarter with our tax dollars and generating revenue through economic development we can invest in our schools, build parks and green spaces and provide our children with better recreational opportunities, all while keeping taxes low for our families and seniors.

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