Top Water Commission Officials Allegedly Conspired In Cover-Up of Elevated Toxic Chemical Levels in Drinking Water

(EAST ORANGE) – Lester Taylor, Democratic candidate for mayor, said Tuesday’s indictment of two high-level East Orange Water Commission officials for allegedly conspiring to hide levels of a toxic chemical in the city’s drinking water that exceeded the state’s safety standards raises concerns about proper oversight of the city’s water supply.

According to a report in The Star-Ledger, East Orange Water Commission executive director Harry L. Mansmann and assistant executive director William Mowell were indicted Tuesday by a state grand jury in Mercer County for allegedly conspiring to deceive authorities and the public over elevated levels of an industrial solvent discovered in drinking water used by thousands of East Orange and South Orange residents.

 “As a parent of three children, the last thing my wife and I or any parent should have to worry about is the safety of the water our children drink and use to brush their teeth,” said Taylor. “More questions need to be asked about how our public officials oversee our city’s water supply so that the health of East Orange families is protected. I look forward to reviewing the results of the independent study being conducted next week.”

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